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Fall 2022

Comparative Endocrinology (BIOL 405)Basic principles of comparative and behavioral endocrinology including structure and functions of hormones in vertebrates; hormonal control of behavior, reproduction, and homeostasis; endocrine techniques, and mechanism of hormone action.

Teaching Philosophy

I have three goals that I want to achieve as a teacher, as a neurobiologist, and, more generally as a scientist. 

1) I want my students to appreciate the “big picture” ideas of what I teach them. 

2) I want my students to realize that science is not a collection of esoteric facts but is instead an active discipline full of cutting-edge discoveries to learn about and to which they themselves can contribute – even as undergraduates. 

3) I want my students to learn critical thinking skills and the scientific method which can be applied to all aspects of life, not just laboratory science. 

Picture of Dr. Jones in the classroom

In my classroom and lab I make it a priority to create a learning environment that values student differences and experiences, and I strongly believe that anyone, no matter their background, can be a scientist.

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